Week 3 | 30. Mouthwatering

I love cheese. No you don’t understand — I LOVE cheese, with a capital L, a U and a R… as in I LURVE cheese! The runnier and smellier the better; although I do draw the line at those that have live critters still living in them. Its true! I believe its Italian and while I have never actually seen this in person, I saw it on TV once so it must be true.

It is my everlasting disappointment that 2 days before I left Frederick, MD to come and live here they opened up a cheese-monger downtown – yes a proper cheese shop with dozens of different cheeses and accoutrement to aid in the consumption of cheesy goodness. It is a veritable cheese lovers heaven. I very nearly decided to stay.

IMG_6335Two summers ago, my brother-in-law who lived in Switzerland at the time, took us to visit a friends family in the Bordeax region of France. They own a vineyard near the village of Pommard, one of the premier wine regions of France, and let me tell you my friends – the French know how to do cheese. The family took us to the Chateau Pommard for dinner which was finished off by the biggest groaniest cheese cart you have ever seen, all regional, all very very tasty. But I was polite (after all I had just met the cheese cart lady) and only tried six or seven of the dozen plus cheese on her cart.

The next day however, I was not so polite when at a picnic lunch in the back garden of our hosts (who live in an 800 year old ex-monastery by the way) laden with meats and cheese and other local specialties. This come under the heading “best day ever”, sitting under a willow tree, on a warm sunny day in France, eating cheese and sipping vintage wine from their stock. Well? Is your mouth watering yet… I know mine is. I’m off to get a snack – maybe some cheese.


12 thoughts on “Week 3 | 30. Mouthwatering

  1. Totally yum – the photo is perfect! I love apple and cheese together – oh delicious … wonder how that started – hear a lot about apple pie with cheddar cheese … possibly? I think for those of us in the photo club, we need to change from cookies to cheese! – it seems WAY more popular !

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