Week 6 | 48. Three of a Kind

This week we went on another adventure; this is what I have begun to call my photography outings. This past Monday we went down to see the Builder Levy exhibit at the Ringling Museum of Art (by the way, its free on Mondays.) We wandered around the art museum and Mindy had brought her new toy – a crystal ball and we took numerous photos of rooms, paintings and the garden through the crystal ball; a very interesting effect. We stopped and had lunch at the new Muse restaurant. The wait staff gave us some odd looks at we took pictures of the menu, ninjas and our food through the crystal ball. Needless to say there was also a lot of laughter.

After lunch we went back to the art museum and stumbled across “Josephs Coat” an exhibit that apparently has to be experienced at sunset. The ceiling of the roof in this room is open to the sky and well… we couldn’t resist. Out came the crystal ball and the cameras, and while they were busy and not paying attention, I took the opportunity to shoot this picture for “Three of a Kind”.

Here are few other images I shot that day.


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