Week 12 | 27. Memories

Recently, I traveled to Frederick, MD to pack up our house. In the week that I was there, we fixed a few problems that came up in the inspection, we went out with friends, we packed up the few things we wanted before everything went into storage, we supervised an army of packers and movers who came an dismantled our dreams and memories, we had beers and dinner at our favorite bars and restaurants. We were so busy, it wasn’t until I was standing in an empty kitchen that I realized that this was it. I stared at the two tennis balls that had emerged from somewhere no doubt hidden by my old dog Mac (who was obsessed with tennis balls) that were now lying in the middle of the empty family room, that this was it. This is probably the last time I will look at these rooms. In the past seventeen years, these rooms had seen three dogs, two cats, had hosted both our mothers since passed away, our siblings and their families, dinner with friends, girls nights in, watching movies in our home movie theatre, hiding in said movie theatre every Halloween watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Hosting birthday parties and our 25th wedding anniversary. I confess I was a little teary-eyed, but I was happy you be leaving behind all the winter snow and the family who now own the house are a nice young family with three small children, who I hope will be good friends with the two little kids next door who moved in about a year ago. This house was the longest we lived in an one place and has a lot of memories.


7 thoughts on “Week 12 | 27. Memories

  1. It is somewhat sad to see you leave those rooms, but the good news is that so many good memories come here with you! Congratulations and I wish you many great years in the new place. The big question is: Did you keep the tennis balls?

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  2. The next chapter! … always difficult to leave but its amazing how fast the new place becomes “home” ! Your fireplace must have looked gorgeous at Christmas time with a fire going.


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