Week 16 | 44. Speed

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to “The Great Frederick Fair”. While waiting for a friend I was walking though the rides and other amusements when I came across something that resembled a large spinning top. Kids were scrambling to get inside, so I waited for the opportune moment for it to start up. And I wait and waited. You wouldn’t believe how many kids you can fit in one of these things. Well, my patience paid off and it started to turn slowly and then fast and after until it got up to a hefty speed. I wouldn’t get in it – would you?


10 thoughts on “Week 16 | 44. Speed

  1. Yes — An amusement park in Western Pennsylvania had a spinning ride where the riders would stand against a circular wall while this wall spun faster and faster — when it reached a certain speed the floor of this ride would move downward leaving the riding spinning and held against the wall by centrifugal force — sort of fun!

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