Week 18 |39. Rainy Day

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I recently spent four days in London and had a blast! I knew at some point there would be rain… I mean its London. One of the great things about this city is that there is always plenty to do on a rainy day. I could go to one of the many theatres in town, or wander around a museum, or hang out in one of the many coffee shops or pubs with a book while I watch the world go by. But no… I knew I had the “Rainy Day” theme to take care of, so what did I do? I spent two hours wandering up and down the South Bank between the Globe Theatre and the London Eye taking pictures of umbrellas, puddles, reflections and people in the pouring rain, getting soaked with my precious camera stuffed inside my coat, at least until I saw something worthy of it. I have to say this was one of my favorite themes so far. Who says you can’t take pictures on a rainy day. The above image was taken while standing underneath the Waterloo Bridge with water dripping down the back of my neck. You’re welcome.


7 thoughts on “Week 18 |39. Rainy Day

  1. Love the reflection in the puddle with the “eye” … its SO is London! and also love the rings the drops make in the water – you’re right – rain makes for some wonderful photos.


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