Week 20 | 18. Hidden From View

Just outside of Frederick, MD there is an old building once known as known as John Hagan’s Tavern. It was built around 1785 and was a public house for travelers on The Olde National Pike.   It sits in the side of the road near the crest of a hill between Frederick and Middletown, MD and was the main thoroughfare between Baltimore and Cumberland. When we first moved to there, it was a restaurant known as Hagans Tavern but that closed in 2009. It then re-opened as the Silver Maple, an upscale restaurant; I met a friend there for lunch one day and this is how I first found out about its secret.

The dining room just inside the tavern is is adorned with the most amazing artwork. Apparently, it was painted by an itinerant artist and that’s all they know, but what an amazing surprise when you walk into that room. The Silver Maple closed in 2014 and is now a very nice beer bar and restaurant called Brew’dPub.

Update: After a note from my friend Douglas Claytor I believe this is the person who painted the murals.


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