Week 36. | 34. OMG!

Some of you may have already seen this one on my Facebook page. I took this with my cell phone last week. I stopped at Publix for some groceries last week and opened my trunk (that would be the “boot” for my British friends), which on my car, is a hatchback kind of thing, and this little guy was staring at me from within the well where the door meets the frame. I have no idea how he got there; he must have been squeezed in pretty tight.

Well, I got a piece of paper and “shooed” him out and he hopped onto the side of my car. I finished what I was doing, closed the trunk, pulled out and went on my merry way.

I get to the end of the row, and I look right and left for traffic and was surprised to see this little guy peering at me through the drivers side window. So I pulled across to where the retention pond is and wind down the window thinking I could nudge him off, and what does he do? You guessed it! He hopped right into the inside of the window.

So, I open the door, get an ice scraper from the back set and try to poke him off with the blunt end, at which point he hopped onto the dashboard. I made a grab for him and he hopped into the little hole where the speedometer is (sigh).

I’m sure my ice cream is melting by now.

So now I’m still trying to poke at him with the blunt end of the ice scraper; I get behind him (I really don’t want to hurt him) and then he jumps onto the back of the steering wheel. While I’m trying to get him to jump onto my seat he finally obliges and jumps onto the back of my hand – at which point I squeal (I am a girl after all, and thats what we do).

I swear at this point, he’s laughing at me, but I put on my big girl pants and walk him down to the edge of the retention pond, and throw him unceremoniously into the water.

By the way, I’m pretty sure that’s dog fur stuck between his toes.

I feel this also could have fit the “Tell A Story” theme, but seriously, OMG!


5 thoughts on “Week 36. | 34. OMG!

  1. Morag, I laughed while reading and envisioning all of this happening. What a good girl you were to transport him to a pond where, I am positive, he will live happily ever after.


  2. oh definitely screaming but not wanting to hurt him! He’s probably telling all his froggy friends about his adventure … well he’ll be making new friends – you took him away from his old ones!


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