Week 49 |46. Tell a Story

On the last day of our trip to Quebec, we woke up to rain; pouring, heavy, sideways rain. And wind… as in blowing your brolly inside out wind. Since it was our last day we decided to brave the weather. Neither of us had any water proof clothes with us, but we did have a couple of umbrellas. One thing we wanted to do was see the Fairmont Hotel that sits on a hill in the center of town. We followed this family through the town and up the hill. As you can see they were better prepared than we were.  By the time we reached the terrace of the hotel, the wind was blowing so hard, we could barely stand up. By this time, my back hurt, my feet hurt,  we were soaked through and I was beginning to whine. OK, I’ll admit, I had been whining for quite a while by this time. So we retreated to our hotel, dried out and left town as we were scheduled to check into our hotel at Montreal Airport for an early flight the next day. If you would like to see how its supposed to look on a nice day click here.



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